How Amazing was The Amazing Spiderman 2?

For the 2nd time the new and improved Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) hits theaters when The Amazing Spiderman 2 (TASM 2) had its premiere here in Manila last April 30. Luckily I was chosen by Sky Cable, our local cable network, to join the premiere block screening they were sponsoring at the Newport Arts Cinema at Resorts World Manila.

So here’s a quick look at some of the highlights from the movie:
•Peter and Gwen (Emma Stone) are back together despite Peter seeing glimpses of Gwen’s dead father.
• Peter and Gwen graduated high school.
• Gwen got into Oxford so she’s moving to England.
• Max (Jamie Foxx) is an electrician at Oscorp who got electrocuted by electric eels, thus becoming Electro.
• After a misinterpretation thinking that Spiderman stole the spotlight away from him, Electro wants to get rid of Spiderman.
• Peter’s childhood friend Harry Osborn (Dane Deehan) is dying and thinks Spiderman’s blood can save him.
• Peter finds out that the spider that bit him was his dad’s project and only people with his dad’s blood can benefit from the spiders.
• Spiderman refuses to give Harry his blood, thus Harry forming an alliance with Electro to get into the secret room in Oscorp, where the remaining spider venom is hidden.
• Harry takes the venom and becomes the Green Goblin.
• Spiderman together with Gwen fight Electro and Green Goblin, leading to Gwen’s death.
• Spiderman went inactive for months, but was inspired to return after watching Gwen’s graduation speech.
• The post-credits scene showed a special X-Men Days of Future Past clip featuring Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and other mutants.

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Since the title of this review is “How Amazing is TASM 2?” then maybe you guys are assuming that I really love the film. But to be totally honest, maybe it was not so amazing…

Well here are the pros and cons from my perspective:


1. The cast is great, that’s for sure. Jamie Foxx was a great addition to the movie and Dane Deehan portrayed Harry’s dark side pretty well.
2. Andrew and Emma. Nothing more to say.
3. The action was great. Visual effects are perf.
4. The scene with the kid trying to be like Spiderman was so sweet.
5. The post-credits scene. Well technically that’s not part of TASM 2, but I ran out of good things to say so I placed this one. I mean, who can’t say no to JLaw?


1. Gwen’s dad appearing to Peter was okay, but maybe a little overdone. It happened too many times.
2. I really think Electro’s reason for hating Spiderman is too shallow. Seriously, just because he got all the attention and not you? Well of course! He’s Spiderman!
3. There was action, but not too much. I mean comparing this to Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2, this one’s really behind on the action.
4. Peter and Gwen’s relationship is really sweet, but it was really messed up. I mean, they were together, then they broke up, then became friends again , made out, then Gwen leaving, then when they decided to be really together, Gwen dies. Oh c’mon
5. I already knew Gwen will die, but I wished it was more emotional. I mean I didn’t cry at all. I even cried when Nick Fury hit the flat line in Captain America 2 and Pepper Potts falling into the fire in Iron Man 3….and they were alive! I just wished they had said last words to each other. I would have cried. I heard that was what the comics had, so I wished they should have followed that instead.
6. Overall it didn’t really have a wow factor for me. No iconic moments. I wished they should have another inspirational scene such as in the first movie when the construction workers helped Spiderman get to the Oscorp building. Something like that would have made a difference.

So I think the cons overweighed the pros. Don’t get me wrong though, I think the movie will be a hit, but this is Marvel we’re talking about. And based from the track record the recent Marvel movies have, maybe this is at the bottom of the list. Hopefully TASM 3 (If there’s a TASM 3) will be amazing again.

Hope you guys like my review! If anything appears unclear to you folks or you guys wanna add more to this, feel free to comment. xx


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