Is Heaven For Real?

Heaven. Has the thought of this word ever cross your mind? At least once? I think of heaven from time to time and imagine what it would look like. Sometimes I picture rainbows and angels and seeing Peter and the famous golden keys. But first of all, is there such thing as heaven? Are all of these things about heaven and hell true? Where do we go after we die? I know it may seem deep, especially for me since I’m only 14, but we have to face reality. Nothing lasts forever, including our own lives, so it’s human nature to be curious about the afterlife.

I’ve stopped thinking about all of this heaven stuff for quite a while, till I watched the film “Heaven is For Real” last Easter Sunday. It’s a movie based on a novel by Todd Burpo, the father of the movie/book’s protagonist. This is a true story that revolves around Colton Burpo, a four year old boy who survived a serious surgery who, after a few months later, claimed that during his operation his soul separated from his body but he came back. Colton mentioned seeing angels, his dead family members and sitting on Jesus’ lap during his trip to heaven. These acclaims went viral around the community but it was all resolved at the end when Todd, who happens to be a Wesleyan preacher, finally took a stand and said that heaven is real because it can be experienced through the people you love. Heaven Is For Real is an inspirational film that will surely lift up your spirits and deepen your love for God and others. Colton’s story will truly be one of a kind to others, especially to young kids which will help them strengthen their faith and to not be afraid of the things beyond this life. I would also recommend you to read the book (even though I’m still on Chapter 1) so that we can all further understand Colton’s story and discover more about the Burpo family.

Perosnally, Heaven Is For Real cleared up a lot of my beliefs. I used to be afraid of dying. I was afraid of how it would feel, of how I would turn into. I was afraid of not knowing where to go. I was afraid of the unknown, I mean isn’t everyone afraid of uncertainty? Of mystery? Of not knowing something? But for some apparent reason, watching this movie made me not scared anymore. Maybe it’s because I already know that death is painless, and there is such thing as heaven? Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m already experiencing heaven here which I didn’t realize before. I know some of you are against this book and against this movie, so I’m not forcing you to believe any of this. I would just like to say that for those who fear heaven, or for those who would like to believe but are still scared, well what is there to be afraid of? “Blessed are those who believe yet they do not see” as Jesus said. Well I haven’t seen yet, but I do believe. I believe in heaven because I believe in love and I think that everyone should believe in love. Because once you believe in love, then you believe in God. And once you believe in God and see him in the faces of your family, friends and all those people you care about, then you are already experiencing heaven here on earth. So you don’t have to be dead in order to prove that heaven is real. Because once you’re in the company of those you love, then you can rightfully say that heaven is for real.


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