A Wicked Night

My view of the Wicked stage from Balcony 1 of the CCP Theater

Hi guys! I’m Lizelle Cruz and this is my very first post. I’ve always loved writing, but I usually do fiction, such as short stories and drama scripts. Now that I would like to take my writing skills to the next level, I decided to write factual stuff and share it with you, the lovely internet users. I would like to start off with the first memorable experience that I had this year.


Last February 22, I had the privilege of watching one of the longest running musicals ever: WICKED. It is a musical based from Gregory Magguire’s novel of the same name. Wicked centers on the life of Elphaba, known better as the Wicked Witch of the West. Elphaba is a young girl who was born green and was an outcast in her school. There she meets Glinda, her enemy who soon became her best friend. Elphaba always wished of meeting The Wizard of Oz, and the discovery of her powers made her dream into a reality. Fortunately, Manila was blessed to witness Elphaba’s journey as the Australian production of Wicked came here to do the show from January 22 to March 9 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). I watched the February 22 gala show and let me tell you, it’s a worthwhile night I would never forget. Since this is my first ever musical to attend to, I really didn’t know what to expect at first. But as the play was finished, I realized that I am lucky to have watched Wicked as a first ever musical. From the amazing production to the catchy tunes (such as Popular and Defying Gravity) and of course to the very talented cast, Wicked embarks a young girl’s journey as she enters a wonderful world filled with magic, love, friendship and discovery of her true self and potential.

Elphaba’s character inspires people to accept themselves for who they are even though they seem different to others. This valuable theme makes the show a successful hit around the world so you, the lovely netizens, should book some tickets when the show comes to your area. As far as I know Wicked Australia will do shows in Melbourne in a few days and the show is a regular in Broadway as well so what are you waiting for? Save up to defy gravity and watch the show of a lifetime!


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